How to Create a Halloween Silly Paper Spider

by Emily Richardson

This fun and easy Halloween paper spider is a great way to decorate for the holiday!!


  • 2 Pieces of Black paper
  • 1 Pieces of Yellow paper
  • 1 Pieces of White paper
  • 1 A pair of scissors
  • 1 Glue (stick or liquid)
  • 1 String (to hang up the spider with)
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Cut out 2 circles of the black paper but make one for the body and one for the head.

    Step 2

    Cut out a smaller yellow circle and add it to the middle as the spider's nose

    Step 3

    Cut out 2 smaller white circles and its okay if they are not the same, so each one will be different.

    Step 4

    Now place them as the eyes and glue them down.

    Step 5

    Next cut out 2 small black circles.

    Step 6

    Now glue them in a fun way on the eyes to make it your own.

    Step 7

    Now you will cut out 8 legs to add to your spider.

    Step 8

    Finally place the legs with 4 on each side but face them different ways to make it your silly spider.

    Step 9

    To hang up your spider, tie the string at one end to make it a big loop. Next glue the end that was tied, to the back of your spider. Now hang it up!