How to Create a Graphic 45 Safari Tag Mini Album

by Sandy Trefger

In this tutorial, I show you the basics on how to create a tag album using Graphic 45 Large and Regular Tag Albums together along with the beautiful Graphic 45 Safari Adventure Collection.


  • Graphic 45 Safari Adventure Collection 12x12
  • Graphic 45 Safari Adventure Patterns & Solids
  • raphic 45 Regular Tag Album, Black
  • Graphic 45 Large Tag Album, Kraft
  • Graphic 45 Safari Adventure 8x8
  • Graphic 45 Washi Tape Set
  • Graphic 45 Stamped Metal Brads
  • Graphic 45 Safari Adventure Decorative Chipboard
  • Graphic 45 Safari Adventure Journaling Chipboard
  • Graphic 45 Safari Adventure Tags & Pockets
  • Graphic 45 Safari Adventure Banners
  • Prima Flowers
  • Assorted Ribbons
  • Maya Arts Button String
  • Black Sequins
  • Distress Ink Black Soot
  • Distress Ink Gathered Twings
  • Large Magnet Snaps
  • White Glue & Scor-Tape
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    You will create a unique and beautiful tag mini album by combining 6 Graphic 45 Large Kraft Tags and 6 Regular Black Tags onto one large ring that comes with the tag album sets.

    Step 2

    From the bottom rounded edge of the large kraft tag, score at 1.25 inches.

    Step 3

    Leave the tag on the Scor-board and also score at the 3 inch mark. You will do this to only ONE large tag to create the wrap around cover.

    Step 4

    Fold up the tag as shown and use a 1/2 inch corner rounder to punch the corners of the bottom fold.

    Step 5

    The tag will look like this with the two fold lines folded up. This makes the wrapped bottom of your tag album.

    Step 6

    Ink all the edges of this piece front and back and along the fold lines with Black Soot Distress Ink.

    Step 7

    Pattern all your tags in the same way as those shown in this guide. Once patterned, add flowers, tags, banners, cut aparts and photos as desired to your tag pages and pockets.

    Step 8

    Burnish along the fold lines folding toward the front side of the tag, apply glue to the sides of the short fold side only and attach down onto the tag to create pockets. You will do this on 5 tags.

    Step 9

    Ink the edges of the tags on the front & back with Black Soot Distress Ink.

    Step 10

    These are the pieces for your tag album: 6 black regular tags with no pockets, 5 large kraft tags with pockets folded and 1 large kraft tag with scored section on the bottom for the wrap around cover

    Step 11

    Use 1 black tag for the front of the album, Select a solid from the G45 Solids & Prints pad, trace the tag as shown including the circle of the tag hole/grommet.

    Step 12

    Cut out the paper with scissors.

    Step 13

    Use a 1/2 inch hole punch, to punch out the hole for the tag on the patterned paper. Make sure to center the punch over the circle you marked onto the paper.

    Step 14

    With the hole punched your paper will look like this. You will do this for all the tags of the album, front & back.

    Step 15

    Apply glue to the back side of the paper.

    Step 16

    Attach down onto the tag, make sure to line it up straight and place the punched out hole over the metal grommet so it still shows and has a nice finish.

    Step 17

    Repeat the same process for the back side of the tag to cover it with patterned paper.

    Step 18

    Use a tool to distress the edges of the tag on the front and back.

    Step 19

    Use a combination of Gathered Twigs Distress Ink and Black Soot Distress Ink to ink the edges of your tags, front & back.

    Step 20

    This is the back side of the first tag after it has been distressed and inked.

    Step 21

    Trace the tags that have a folded pocket in the same manner, except you do not have to cut the paper the full length of the tag on the pocket side.

    Step 22

    Cut a piece of patterned paper to fit the pocket and use a 1/2 inch corner rounder for the two bottom corners.

    Step 23

    Before attaching the patterned paper, you need to also round the bottom corners of the tags with the pocket so it will look like this. Ink the edges with black soot Distress Ink.

    Step 24

    You will also need to punch the top two corners of the patterned paper with the 1/2 inch punch to make them match the pocket edges.

    Step 25

    Distress and ink the top edge of the patterned paper that goes onto the pocket.

    Step 26

    Use glue to attach the paper onto the pocket as shown.

    Step 27

    Next cut a piece of paper to match the top part of the tag. Make sure to punch out the circle for the grommet.

    Step 28

    Glue to the top half of the tag, lining it up so that the hole fits over the grommet.

    Step 29

    Distress and ink all edges.

    Step 30

    The back side of the kraft tag is not patterned solid but rather has photo mats. Cut one piece 3 1/2" x 4 1/2" and one piece 3" x 4". Distress the edges and tear some of the corners as shown.

    Step 31

    Ink all the edges and glue to the back side of the kraft tag, placing them at different angles with the smaller mat layered on top of the larger mat.

    Step 32

    Tear and add a piece of Graphic 45 Washi tape across the bottom of the photo mats or where desired.

    Step 33

    To create a closure for the back piece to wrap around to the front, on the front side of the tag, attach two large magnet snaps (+ positive side) as shown.

    Step 34

    Turn the tag over. Pattern the top part as shown to match the front tag.

    Step 35

    Pattern the smaller section to match and ink the edges.

    Step 36

    Step 37

    Pattern the front side of the tag as shown, add a ribbon for a belly band (only put glue on each end of the ribbon), pattern the bottom part to cover up the magnets. Ink all edges as shown.

    Step 38

    From the Tags & Pockets set, punch out a small postcard envelope , fold, ink and insert behind the ribbon belly band. You can also mat photos to black cardstock and insert them behind the belly band.

    Step 39

    Take two Large Magnet Snaps (- Negative) and attach the magnet side to the area where the other two magnets are attached (magnets are hidden under the patterned paper).

    Step 40

    Place the patterned front black tag on top of the back tag with the wrap piece. Peel of the backing from the two magnets and "close up" the wrap flap onto the front tag. Gently open back the flap.

    Step 41

    All four magnet snaps are now in place and the back tag wraps around to the front tag and closes.

    Step 42

    Remove the front tag from the back tag with the magnets still attached as shown. You will now create a flap piece to cover and hide these magnets. Cut an image out of one of the cut aparts.

    Step 43

    Fold and score the bottom edge about 1/2" to 3/4" as shown on the back side of the cut apart.

    Step 44

    Apply Scor-tape to the flap on the back side only.

    Step 45

    Pull the tape backing off and attach to the front side of the tag using the flap to cover the magnets. Line up the cut apart or attach at a slight angle if desired.

    Step 46

    Once attached, the flap completely covers the magnets.

    Step 47

    Tear a piece of the Graphic 45 Washi tape and place along the edge of the flap onto the patterned area of the tag.

    Step 48

    To keep the flap closed down on to the tag, place another large magnet snap (+positive) in the center of the flap on the back side about 1 1/2" down from the cut edge.

    Step 49

    Again, attach another magnet snap (-negative) onto the other magnet as shown. Pull of the backing and close up the flap so that sticky side of the magnet sticks to the tag side.

    Step 50

    Gently open up the flap, separating the two magnets. You will now have a magnet on each side as shown.

    Step 51

    Cut out a piece of patterned paper to create a photo mat to cover the magnet on the tag side. Cut a tag about 3 1/2" x 3 1/2" square. Attach down over the magnet.

    Step 52

    Step 53

    On the flap side, measure and cut black card stock to mat over the magnet. Also measure and cut patterned paper to layer over the black cardstock as shown.

    Step 54

    Select a tab from the Graphic 45 Chipboard sets. Glue to the back side of patterned paper.

    Step 55

    Cut out the tab from the patterned paper with scissors, distress, sand and ink all edges of the tab.

    Step 56

    Apply glue to the bottom edge of the tab on the back side.

    Step 57

    Attach on to the flap on the front side and allow to dry. This will be your tab to pull up on to open the flap on the front of the tag album.

    Step 58

    Loop ribbon through the tag. You will do this for each finished tag of your album. The ribbons are attached to each tag rather than through the ring.

    Step 59

    Score the remaining 5 large Kraft tags at the 3 inch mark from the rounded end. This will create pockets.

    Step 60

    If your ribbon is white on the back side and you wish to make it match the color/inks of the album, lay it onto your ink pad (front side down) and ink the back as shown down the length of your ribbon

    Step 61

    Take another piece of ribbon and tie it in to a bow around the looped ribbon as shown.

    Step 62

    Place the finished tag onto the metal ring which will be the binding of your album.

    Step 63

    Add a different piece of ribbon to the first pocket tag.

    Step 64

    Tie a button string bow over the looped ribbon. To secure the button string and make sure it does not come untied, add a bit of white glue to the center knot.

    Step 65

    A fun look to finish the ends of button string is to tie it in to a knot, cut the string on the end to about 3/8" and then use your fingers to roll and untwist the end to give it a frayed look.

    Step 66

    Continue to add ribbon to all your tags.

    Step 67

    And finish them with a button string bow or bow from other ribbons.

    Step 68

    Once you have all your tags patterned and tied with ribbon, slide them on to the ring with the first tag on the top and the tag with the wrap section on the bottom.

    Step 69

    Here are a few photos of my finished tag pages.

    Step 70

    Step 71

    Step 72

    Step 73

    Thank you so much for following along. I hope you will have a go at creating your own mini tag album using Graphic 45 tags and paper collection! Have Fun Crafting! ~ Sandy