How to Create a Dog Toy Using 2 Tshirts!

by Alicia Tardiff

Creating a dog toy using 2 t-shirts of the same length Materials needed: Sharp Scissors Flat surface 2 T-shirts of the same length Positive attitude!


  • Scissors
  • 2 Tshirts
  • Flat Surface/Table
  • Marker if needed
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Select 2 different color t-shirts of the same size/length

    Step 2

    1. Cut in a straight line underneath the sleeves/armpit area 2. If needed, draw a line with a marker to cut along it You should end up having the t-shirt into 2 pieces 3. Repeat this with shirt #2

    Step 3

    Cut along the line using the scissors It is easier if the shirt is on a table and you place the fabric all the way into the scissors

    Step 4

    You should end up with 2 separate pieces The top piece (with the sleeves) will become scraps We only need to use the bottom piece Repeat this step on the second shirt

    Step 5

    Once both shirts are cut you should have 2 different colored shirts that look like this. You are going to work on one shirt at a time to cut slits in it.

    Step 6

    Step 7

    Cutting Slits... Option 1: Cut through both sides of the shirt at once (if the scissors are strong enough) Cut slits, about a finger length all the way across the bottom of the shirt

    Step 8

    Cutting slits... Option 2: Cut through one side of the shirt at a time so it is easier to use the scissors. Cut about a finger length high until the shirt has slits all across the bottom

    Step 9

    You should have 2 shirts that look like this with slits across the bottom. The next step involves ripping the strips until they fall off the shirt

    Step 10

    Rip the slits all the way to the top of the shirt It helps to hold onto the shirt with both hands and rip the strip away from your body

    Step 11

    Keep your shirts in 2 piles based on the color of the strands. Next you have to remove 2 strands (any color) and use those as the knots for the beginning and end of the braid, so it won't fall apart.

    Step 12

    Split the strings into 3 parts Braid together. 1 section over the other, then the next section over the other and continue this until you can't go anymore. Tie the piece of string in a knot at the end

    Step 13

    Feel free to trim the pieces. The End Result!! A new dog toy!!