How to Create a Decorative Breast Cancer Fundraising Bra

by Sevi Ware

Create a fun and pinkalicious bra to help with fundraising for any breast cancer events (i.e. SGK 3 Day, Vera Bradley Breast Cancer Foundation, Avon walk)


  • Pink bra
  • Pink buttons
  • Pink poms
  • Bandana
  • Sewing machine (optional)
  • E6000 adhesive
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Measure out what you want to decorate your bra with. It can be as creative as you desire.

    Step 2

    Start out with a simple bra. This bra was $4.99 at Ross.

    Step 3

    Cut fabric to size in places that you want to add flair to you bra.

    Step 4

    Keep moving through the process and place decorative items to the bra.

    Step 5

    Once items are pinned, go ahead and start sewing items down.

    Step 6

    After sewing, take the time to assess and add any additional pieces to your bra.

    Step 7

    Add poms and buttons with E6000 adhesive in whatever design suits you.

    Step 8

    At this point you are free to add as much additional work to your bra.

    Step 9

    I opted to use spray adhesive to add glitter to the cups and grab some fake carnations to add a little girly touch.

    Step 10

    Your breast cancer fundraising bra is ready for display! Find a simple mannequin to use to display it.