How to Create a Cute French Manicure 1

by Amelia Dufty

This is just a quick guide on how to do a cute french manicure


  • White nailvarnish
  • Top coat
  • Optional base coat
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Get your supplies

    Step 2

    Start with clean nails (For this guide it works better if you have straight/square nails like me)

    Step 3

    Apply a base coat if you want to

    Step 4

    Draw a diagonal line of white

    Step 5

    Fill in the rest of the tip with white

    Step 6

    Repeat on all of your nails

    Step 7

    Apply a top coat and your done 😊 (As you can see, because my 2nd finger is too short I can't file it square so it doesn't look as good)

    Step 8

    You could also put a silver line along the bottom of the white Or any colour you want

    Step 9

    Thank you for viewing my guide 😄 Hope you enjoy trying out these nails <3 I'll upload a new guide soon!! Comment things you want me to do guides on next <3