How to Create a Cool "Steam Punk" iPhone Case

by Keith Ingram

If "Dr. Who" carried a cell phone this might be what it would look like!


  • Wooden iPhone case
  • or alternate wood like case
  • craft hardware
  • glue gun
  • super glue
  • Dremmel
  • Imagination
  • small stick on letters
  • various craft supplies that you like to add
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Select your favorite phone.

    Step 2

    Select an inexpensive phone cover or shell. This one looks like laminated wood.

    Step 3

    Same cover just flipped over it's plastic.

    Step 4

    This case fits snuggly around my phone.

    Step 5

    You could go hard core and buy or carve a real wooden case for your phone. This would be another completely different guide for another day.

    Step 6

    Add craft supplies to phone case with hot glue or super glue. Most of the case is covered with super epoxy glue and you can choose to cover with a spray finish or leave it natural. I sanded mine.

    Step 7

    I added pretend screws to give it that special look.

    Step 8

    I added flat screws for this side.

    Step 9

    I thought the compass rose was clever but I was really proud of adding the name in rustic typewriter type font. The gears make it look really interesting.

    Step 10

    Sample brads that you can clip the ends off.

    Step 11

    Fake screws

    Step 12

    Corner pieces look like mini picture frames. Sand them down because they can be sharp.

    Step 13

    Here are a few gears. I added the small brads to cover the center holes.

    Step 14

    Optional name plates from craft store.

    Step 15

    Craft store brads notice different shades of chrome, copper and bronze.

    Step 16

    Various metal plates to add to your phone case.

    Step 17

    Label letters to custom label your phone with your name or motto.

    Step 18

    I get lots of great comments about my phone case and use your imagination and create one for your self. Have fun guys. Steam Punk, Dr. WHO or whatever you can imagine... get busy. Cheers from Dr. I