How to Create a Colorful Mixed Media Canvas Using Minx

by Art Anthology

Use Minx, Colorations, and Velvet to create this colorful, shimmery canvas.


  • Colorations: Peacock Feathers, Wild Orchid
  • Velvet: Fiji, Tango
  • Sorbet: Imperial
  • Minx: Majestic, Panache, Allure
  • Stencil: Blocked, Tick Tock, Mechanical
  • Texture Paste: Mud
  • Melissa Francis Wooden Gears
  • Melissa Francis Wooden Words
  • Melissa Francis Wooden Florals
  • Flat Back Canva
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    I got a little carried away & forgot the first photo. Take Mud & stencil it through sections of the Blocked, Tick Tock, & Mechanical stencils. When dry, spray with Peacock Feathers & Wild Orchid.

    Step 2

    Drip Majestic and Panache Minx over the panel, letting them run.

    Step 3

    Gesso Melissa Francis wood pieces. Let dry well.

    Step 4

    Glue everything in place.

    Step 5

    Paint to gears with Imperial Sorbet.

    Step 6

    Follow with Fiji Velvet.

    Step 7

    And finally with Tango Velvet.

    Step 8

    Repeat with each until you reach the desired mix of colors.

    Step 9

    Repeat the same process for the word and floral piece.

    Step 10

    A few of the spots were too light, so I dripped more Panache and Majestic onto the canvas and then sprayed again in spots with Peacock Feathers and Patience.

    Step 11

    Next, squeeze out some Allure Minx onto your craft mat and dab it on various places, including the canvas itself, with a small paintbrush. This lightens the wooden pieces and adds a nice shimmer.

    Step 12

    Mix a little Tango Velvet with water and flick across the canvas.

    Step 13

    Don't forget to paint the edges. I used Imperial Sorbet.

    Step 14

    And you're done. It's had to see in the photo, but the canvas has a nice shimmer from the Minx inks.

    Step 15