How to Create a Cheap Tripod for Your Phone!

by ThatOneGuy

I needed a tripod to hold my iPhone when using FaceTime. Spent a total of $4!


  • Tripod
  • Rubber band x2
  • Tape
  • Large Binder Clip
  • Phone
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    I bought the tripod at a dollar store for .99 cents! Bought a bag of rubber bands for $1.00 and a 4 pack of binder clips for $1.50. I had the tape at home!

    Step 2

    Take a binder clip and hold it open with one hand.

    Step 3

    I put some foam inside to help raise my iPhone when it is placed inside.

    Step 4

    Wrap a rubber band around the metal clips.

    Step 5

    It's a little difficult to do. This is used to keep the lip of the tripod in place.

    Step 6

    Grab some tape and while holding the clip open wrap it around a few times to keep it open!

    Step 7

    Takes some time and strength to keep it open while taping!

    Step 8

    Now to slide the clip onto the tripod!

    Step 9

    Use a pen or pencil to get the rubber band over!

    Step 10

    Once the clip is over the tripod wrap another rubber band around the metal clip and the tripod shaft.

    Step 11

    See how I only wrapped the rubber band around one clip? This helps angle the phone.

    Step 12

    It's ugly but it works!

    Step 13

    I imagine you can use different tripods and tape so it looks more attractive. I just used a small tripod so I can use it on my desk!