How to Create a Card Gift Tag by Joanne Bain

by Joanne Bain

This little project created with Graphic 45 ATC Tag staples will double as a card and a gift tag. It folds open just like a card to allow a special message to be written on the inside.


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  • Instructions

    Step 1

    The tags you will need to complete this project.

    Step 2

    Scrap of Kraft cardstock to create the spine of the card.

    Step 3

    Fold in half as shown.

    Step 4

    Attach inside back tag as shown to spine.

    Step 5

    Fold spine over the top of the back tag as shown.

    Step 6

    Attach front tag as shown. Ensure it is lined up perfectly with the back tag.

    Step 7

    Once opened the card will look like this.

    Step 8

    Trim off excess spine cardstock around the tags.

    Step 9

    Attach the To & From tag to the back tag as shown. Only glue around the top as you will need to slip the paper of your choice in later.

    Step 10

    As you can see the bottom is not attached properly to allow for paper to be slipped in later.

    Step 11

    This is what the back of you card should look like.

    Step 12

    The tag Gift Card is now finished ready for you to embellish any way you choose. The next steps will show you how I embellished mine.

    Step 13

    Time to embellish!!

    Step 14

    Add some lace to cover card fold joiner.

    Step 15

    Add paper underneath to To & From tag and glue paper and tag in place.

    Step 16

    Raining Cats & Dogs diecut flowers. I used these as a template to create my flowers.

    Step 17

    Trace around flower on to selected paper.

    Step 18

    Cut them out. You will need to do 2 lots of these as there are 2 flowers attached to the front.

    Step 19

    Place a hole in the centre of all flowers as shown.

    Step 20

    Layer as shown.

    Step 21

    Add a brad to the centre of the flowers.

    Step 22

    Attach to tag front as shown.

    Step 23

    Cut out 5 butterflies. These are from Botanicabella and Steampunk Debutante papers.

    Step 24

    Attach as shown.

    Step 25

    The gift card tag is now finished.

    Step 26

    I added a chain and some Steampunk Debutante tags for and added feature.

    Step 27

    Showing the back of the card.

    Step 28

    Inside the card has a place to write a special message.

    Step 29

    Thank you for viewing my tutorial. Joanne Bain -