How to Create a Canvas With Watercolor

by Luciana Warnowski

We go create a beautiful canvas.


  • 1 canvas
  • 1 watercolor box
  • 1 stamp or more
  • 1 spray with water
  • 3 flowers or more
  • 4 mélange
  • 1 title
  • 1 black ink pad or other color
  • 1 stamp or more
  • 1 glitter your choise
  • 1 white pen polska
  • 1 silicone glue
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Start stamping the image you have selected and then paint using watercolors to create different effects and textures. Everyone likes to paint in a certain way, do as you prefer.

    Step 2

    Cut out the images painted and set aside.

    Step 3

    Paint the canvas with water soluble oils pastels with the colors you prefer. I used his fingers to paint and dried with hot heater.

    Step 4

    Use a stencil and modeling paste to create texture and effect on your canvas.

    Step 5

    Paste stamped images in the canvas and some flowers.

    Step 6

    Apply some mélanges on canvas.

    Step 7

    Pass the ink pad on the canvas edges.

    Step 8

    Stamp across the edge creating an effect.

    Step 9

    Apply glitter on the title and paste on canvas.

    Step 10

    With white Posca pen make splashes.

    Step 11