How to Create a Canvas With Dimension and Texture

by Art Anthology

Create lots of texture, dimension and shimmer using Art Anthology mediums. Kathy Adams, Design Team Member, will show you how she created this collection of three canvases with lots of layers.


  • Art Anthology Stucco
  • Orchid Velvet
  • Limeaid Velvet
  • Fiji Velvet
  • Tink Sorbet
  • Cayman Sorbet
  • Blue Topaz Gemstones
  • Fluorite Gemstones
  • Splashed Sorbet
  • Raider Colorations Spray
  • Silk Tie Colorations Spray
  • 3- 12" x 4" canvases
  • Crackle Medium
  • Gems and Small Beads
  • Glossy Accents Glue
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    I was inspired by canvases I'd seen on Pinterest with lots of texture, dimension and shimmer in flowing lines. To start, draw lines on the canvases to show the patterns.

    Step 2

    Art Anthology Stucco is a very textural medium. Apply a thick layer with a palette knife to the canvases. Start filling in the pattern using the Velvet mediums, which have a matte finish.

    Step 3

    Paint Orchid, Limeade and Fiji Velvets onto the canvas. This is just the first layer so don't worry about staying within the lines. We still have lots of layers to go!

    Step 4

    The idea is to layer crackle paste over the Velvet colors. Mix Fluorite Gemstones with Golden Crackle Paste and lay it down in a thick layer on top of the Orchid on all three canvases.

    Step 5

    Here are the canvases so far. I started thinking about how thick the Art Anthology paints are and how they are advertised as "dimensional". I decided to create textural effects using the Limeade.

    Step 6

    So I slathered it on really thick with a palette knife in the stripes that I designated as green.

    Step 7

    I added Blue Topaz in the same manner. The addition of the darker color was a nice contrast to the brighter colors.

    Step 8

    Paint a thick layer of Kroma Crackle Medium onto the Fiji stripes. This medium is clear and drys matte. The thicker the application, the larger the cracks. I left the project to dry overnight.

    Step 9

    The next day, and interesting thing happened. The Kroma Crackle application had nice cracks. But the Golden Crackle paste that was mixed with Fluorite Gemstones did not crackle at all.

    Step 10

    It must have been the ratio of paint to medium that made it not crackle, since I have used it before with success. Look at how the Blue Topaz Gemstones shimmer!

    Step 11

    I added Kroma Crackle to the purple stripes and let it dry and crack before moving on. I also added Tink Sorbet to the green stripes to add shimmer.

    Step 12

    According to the directions for Kroma Crackle, after it drys and cracks, you must seal it by painting on a mixture of matte medium and water. This keeps the cracks from flaking off.

    Step 13

    To bring out the cracks, make a glaze of Silk Tie and Raider Colorations Sprays and Acrylic Glazing Medium. Paint onto all three canvases. After a minute, remove the excess glaze with a baby wipe.

    Step 14

    I love how the dark glaze highlights all of the cracks and crevices!

    Step 15

    Add gems, beads and chunky glitter along the edges of the stripes with Glossy Accents.

    Step 16

    I love how the glitter and gems add another dimension to the canvas.

    Step 17

    Art Anthology has several clear coat paints with glitter that add shimmer and also protects. To seal everything in place, paint a coat of Splashed Sorbet onto the canvases.

    Step 18

    Step 19

    Step 20

    Step 21

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    Step 22

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