How to Create a Cake House on Minecraft!

by Minecraft Minion

How to build the cake house, hope you enjoy! The next one will be on the inside!


Step 1

Hello and welcome! In this guide I will be showing you how to make a cake house and how to decorate so let's get started!

Step 2

Start by making a square out of magenta clay blocks.

Step 3

Build this up by am additional 4 blocks, that's a total of 5.

Step 4

Moving one in do the same with light blue stained clay.

Step 5

Again building up by another 4.

Step 6

Add only one layer of hardened clay to the top. Moving it in one block.

Step 7

Do a random pattern adding by either one or two blocks high.

Step 8

Filling in the gaps with white wool and adding an additional layer, should end you up with this.

Step 9

Fill the top in with the same white wool at the last step.

Step 10

Using a colour range of wool remove white and add different colours for sprinkles.

Step 11

Make a red block out of red clay near the middle.

Step 12

Add two green clay blocks like this, making a cherry.

Step 13

Dig a 2x2 block space in the middle and remove the grass blocks replacing them with magenta blocks.

Step 14

Add some doors in the holes.

Step 15

Now for a quick light I used glow stone to give me enough light to do the floors, dig one layer down.

Step 16

Now dig another one.

Step 17

Line the bottom layer with red stone torches.

Step 18

Add red stone lamps on top of them.

Step 19

Now for the second part of the cake just fill in the floor with light blue stained clay.

Step 20

Put red stone torches with red stone lamps on top of them. This will be the lighting for this floor. Do this on the first layer if you have chosen another floor.

Step 21

Fill the floor of the third cake part with hardened clay. Using glowstone for light.

Step 22

Goodbye guys! See you in my next tutorial where I decorate the inside!