How to Create a Bud Vase Arrangement

by Drew Belair

a simple flower arrangement in a bud vase.


  • 1 Bud vase
  • Water
  • 1 Floral knife (or something to cut flowers).
  • 3 Standard Carnations (or a similar flower).
  • Spray type flowers.
  • Baby's Breath(gyp).
  • 1 good size piece of ribbon.
  • 1 piece of floral wire.
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    fill your bud vase with water. Do not fill up the neck.

    Step 2

    Select two pieces of leather leaf, stripping the leaves off of the part of the stems that will be in the vase.

    Step 3

    cut the leather leaf and future flowers so they are the right size for your vase. A floral knife works best.

    Step 4

    Run fingers or a paper towel down the stems to get the brown gunk off. It will make your water dirty.

    Step 5

    Put the pieces of leather leaf in the vase back to back.

    Step 6

    choose three flowers, these are standard carnations, in the same color.

    Step 7

    cut the first flower so it is just below the tip of the leather leaf.

    Step 8

    The next flower should be in the middle of the arrangement, to the side.

    Step 9

    Place the third flower at the bottom.

    Step 10

    Next choose a spray type flower that goes with the colors of your first flower.

    Step 11

    Fill it in with smaller flowers so it has good visual balance.

    Step 12

    Now you will add baby's breath(gyp).

    Step 13

    Fill in the arrangement with gyp so there are no big empty spaces. Make sure all the stems are touching the water.

    Step 14

    Make a 123 bow securing it with floral wire. Stick the wire in the vase and adjust.

    Step 15

    Now you have a simple flower arrangement for a decoration or gift!