How to Create a Bright Spring Look

by Krystal Rouse

This color bright look is perfect for Spring, pastel colors are in and you can def pull this look off. Enjoy!


  • Turqouise eyeshadow
  • Yellow eyeshadow
  • Navy blue eyeshadow
  • Bright green eyeshadow
  • Coral eyeshadow (orange)
  • NYX jumbo pencil in "milk"
  • MAC's Paint Pot in "painterly"
  • MAC's DUO Adhesive glue
  • Gel eyeliner
  • Pair of your favorite lashes (optional)
  • Mascara
  • Smile 😁
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Quick look at the finished product! πŸ“’Sorry in advance for the background noise! My 3 year old was watching Disney on volume 1000! 😳

    Step 2

    These are the Brushes we will use 1. Crease blending brush 2. Flat shader brush 3. Fluffy done brush 4. Eyeliner brush

    Step 3

    We will begin with a primer

    Step 4

    We will apply this to our entire lid area

    Step 5

    Using this jumbo pencil in milk....

    Step 6

    We are going to blend this on top of the primer so the bright colors can stand out (note this only needs to be done if you are dark toned)

    Step 7

    Using the flat shader brush we will take a turquoise color...

    Step 8

    We will pat the turquoise color on to our inner portion of our eye as pat inward stopping less than halfway

    Step 9

    Using the same shader brush pick up a yellow color...

    Step 10

    And begin patting it onto the middle portion of the eyelid

    Step 11

    Using the shader brush pick up this green color...

    Step 12

    And pat this green color on the outside corner of the eye, shading inward.

    Step 13

    Taking the crease brush apply a coral eyeshadow or an orange if you don't have coral

    Step 14

    Apply the color directly into the crease sweeping and blending right above colors on eyelid

    Step 15

    Using the fluffy done brush pick up some of a navy blue color ...

    Step 16

    And pat that navy blue color right in the inner V, making sure to blend inward. This will create definition.

    Step 17

    Maybelline gel eyeliner

    Step 18

    Apply right on eye lash line

    Step 19

    Using the jumbo pencil in "milk" line your water line. This will open your eyes

    Step 20

    Lashes time!! 😁

    Step 21

    This is the way I put mine on

    Step 22

    Finished product!

    Step 23

    Thanks for watching!