How to Create 3D Effect on Tshirt

by Csir Em


Step 1

For this guide I used a technique that Sarah M💋showed us on her guide. I told her I would borrow it. So give her the credit for this effect I used on this Tshirt. Thank U Sarah M💋.

Step 2

I didn't use all the supplies shown here. Only the cutting board, purple Tulip paint n chalk. What's not shown is the white fabric paint I used on my other guides.

Step 3

This T was created for my daughter. I call her "Love" so this is what I came up with. Used the chalk to sketch.

Step 4

Added "LOVE" to it

Step 5

Started to use technique shown on Sarah's guide with the Tulip dimensional fabric paint. A little bit of patience required for this.

Step 6

This is the paint. Most arts n crafts stores carry it, online as well.

Step 7

Completed adding technique. Here u can see the 3D effect showing.

Step 8

From another angle.

Step 9

A little vid sample

Step 10

I added a little more detail with the white textile paint n brush to make it stand out more.

Step 11

Completed project.

Step 12

Now go and fill your heart with "LOVE"!!