How to Creat a "Wild Things" Journal Page by Marilyn

by Art Anthology

Step-by-step on creating a bright, colorful journal spread.


  • Colorations: Siesta Key, Avocado, Plush
  • Velvet: Wineberry
  • Sorbet: Parakeet
  • Fairy Dust: Ice
  • Mud
  • Stencils: Orbital Layered & Meridian
  • Butterfly Embellishments
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Mist water evenly on your art journal pages and then spray w/Siesta Key. Blot

    Step 2

    Next spray with Avocado and blot.

    Step 3

    Dry thoroughly

    Step 4

    Stencil circles using the Orbital layered stencil and Mud

    Step 5

    Continue onto the other page.

    Step 6

    Using another one of the Orbital layered stencils, add thin circles with Wineberry Velvet. Run color down the page.

    Step 7

    Spray your wooden butterfly with Plush and then stencil with Parakeet using the Meridian stencil.

    Step 8

    Cut out your text. Mine came from an advertisement about a zoo.

    Step 9

    Spray your wooden butterfly with Ice Fairy Dust.

    Step 10

    Position your butterfly and text on the left hand side and glue down.

    Step 11

    I used a larger sequined butterfly for the right side.

    Step 12

    Using a black Sharpie, trace around the edges of your pages to give definition. My pages looked like they were "floating" until I did this.

    Step 13

    Now you're done!