How to Craft a Set of Twinkle Lights

by Ben Franklin Crafts

Transform plastic cups into a twinkling strand of lights using decorative papers and your own creativity. Display your one of a kind project in your room – makes a great nightlight!


  • 1 String of Darice Deco Lights 10
  • 10 Solo 3 oz. plastic cups
  • 5 Lightweight scrapbook paper pieces
  • Free pattern - link on Step 2
  • 1 Cardstock to print pattern on
  • 30 glue dots
  • 24 Inches double stick adhesive
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • embellishments as desired
  • box cutter - to be used by adults only
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    To prepare, have an adult cut an X in the bottom of 10 cups with the box cutter.

    Step 2

    Download your free pattern to trace at Print on card stock and cut out carefully.

    Step 3

    Choose 10 pieces of paper. We started with paper cut to 3” x 8”.

    Step 4

    Trace the pattern on the BACK side of all 10 papers.

    Step 5

    Carefully cut out all 10 pieces.

    Step 6

    Place a glue dot at the top and bottom of a short end on each cutout.

    Step 7

    On the other short end of each piece, place a strip of double stick adhesive.

    Step 8

    Stick the glue dot edge to a cup with the narrower side toward the bottom of the cup.

    Step 9

    Wrap the paper around the cup and fasten in place with the double stick adhesive.

    Step 10

    Repeat steps eight and nine until all cups are covered.

    Step 11

    Push a light bulb and its' base through the X in the bottom of a cup. Repeat with all cups.

    Step 12

    We would love to see a picture of your finished project! Upload your photo to our Facebook page: