How to Craft a "My Dad Is _______" Magnet Gift Box Set

by Ben Franklin Crafts

Use a paper mache box and wood cut-outs to make a Father's Day treasure for dad.


  • 1 Small paper mache box with lid
  • 5 Assorted wooden shapes for magnets
  • Gesso or white acrylic paint for base coating
  • Acrylic paints in colors of your choosing
  • Paint brush
  • 5 Self-adhesive magnets
  • Fine point Sharpie or Micron pen
  • Newspaper to protect your work surface
  • Free Download - Word List: linked on Step 6
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    These are the supplies we used to make our gift for Dad.

    Step 2

    Apply a coat of gesso or white paint to the outside of the box and the wood pieces. Let dry.

    Step 3

    TIP: Paint the sides of your wood pieces first, then lay them down on the protected tabletop to paint the top surface. You can leave the back surface unpainted.

    Step 4

    Choose one or two paint colors. Apply the first coat to your box and wood pieces. You may need to add two coats of paint. TIP: Remember that your words will show up better on lighter colors.

    Step 5

    Now have fun and add paint details to the top and bottom of your box. Don’t worry about being perfect, you’ll add some Sharpie details when the paint is dry which will cover up any boo-boos. Let dry.

    Step 6

    Download a handout of words to describe Dad from our website:

    Step 7

    Write words to describe YOUR dad on the wood shapes with a fine tip marker. You may want to practice on paper to make sure you can make the word fit.

    Step 8

    Add details with Sharpie or Micron pens. Have fun doodling!

    Step 9

    Place a self-adhesive magnet desk on the back of each wood shape.

    Step 10

    Place your magnets in the box and give it to Dad for Father’s Day.

    Step 11

    We would love to see a picture of your finished project! Upload your photo to our Facebook page: