How to Crack a Coconut

by Jody Wagstaff

Heres a simple way to open a coconut with your chefs knife.


  • 1 Coconut
  • 2 Parts Grit
  • 4 Parts Precision
  • 20 Pounds Force
  • 1 Power Drill
  • 1 Heavy chefs knife
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    The supplies are in place and the coconut family has come out to enjoy the sacrifice. The coconut family is optional in your set up.

    Step 2

    Drill holes in the "eyes" and for jeepers sakes don't forgot to clean your bit first. I keep a clean bit in my utensil drawer just for food stuffs. Make two holes so the water comes out smoothly

    Step 3

    Send er through the strainer.

    Step 4

    All right..heres the trick. using the BACKSIDE of your knife. (Very important that you DO NOT USE the sharp side of your knife) Give the coconut a good firm smack right in the middle.

    Step 5

    Rotate the coconut in your hand a little bit and smack it again. Keep rotating and smacking the coconut in the middle each time.

    Step 6

    After a few good whacks, the coconut should split in half.

    Step 7

    It's pretty simple. You don't have to smash it too hard. Just a good firm consistent smack will do it. It can take just a few whacks or you may need to have at er a bit to get it to split.

    Step 8

    And this is what it looks like. Remember DULL SIDE OF THE KNIFE. Please crack the coconut and not your fingers.

    Step 9

    Use a butter knife and score the coconut meat in about 1 inch chunks. Getting the meat out is tricky. I am definitely game for hearing about other methods to do this part.

    Step 10

    After the slits are made, squeeze the flat side of your butter knife between the white coconut meat and the soon to be bikini top. The meat should pop out in chunks.

    Step 11

    Peel back the big chunks and eat the small ones.

    Step 12

    And there ya have it. Fresh coconut ready for grating, slicing, toasting and crafting. Bonus new hat for the coconut dude in the background.

    Step 13

    Thanks for having a gander at my guide. Please browse my other guides for more simple ideas and big flavours. "Like" this if you do and "Follow" me for more like this as they come. Cheers!