How to Cook Valentine Cookies

by Veronica Alba

Here I am at 1am after working 14 hours baking cookies for my sons class party tom...-Today! Hope you like sugar cookies nothing too hard


Step 1

I'm using these without cookie cutters because it's fun!

Step 2

Slice roll in 1/2 inches as directed

Step 3

Cut each slice in half

Step 4

Fold and shape into a heart

Step 5

Fill up trays with hearts

Step 6

No matter the size every heart counts

Step 7

350• preheated since I first sliced the dough and bake your cookies for 10 min only

Step 8

I'm adding valentine colored m&m's you can add anything

Step 9

They look too round to me but some you can tell it's supposed to be a heart. It's the thought that counts right?!