How to Cook the Real Pasta Con Le Acciughe Alla Antonio

by Pino Amato

this is the special version of a Sicilian recipe dedicated to my father Antonio.


  • bread crumbs (pangrattato)
  • Acciughe (anchovies)
  • Olio extra vergine di oliva
  • Eggs
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Chose a big size pasta, I've chosen mezze maniche rigate

    Step 2

    10 anchovies, chose very good quality

    Step 3

    Taggiasche olives

    Step 4

    Toast the breadcrumbs in a pan

    Step 5

    Toast the bread for a while then add the anchovies

    Step 6

    And later the olives

    Step 7


    Step 8

    Now the pine nuts

    Step 9

    Black pepper

    Step 10

    Add the pine nuts and toast all togheter

    Step 11

    Meanwhile put the pasta in boiling water

    Step 12

    When ready drain the pasta. Remember the pasta must be "al dente" (ask me if u need more info)

    Step 13

    Then add the extra virgin olive oil to the pasta

    Step 14


    Step 15

    Pasta+olive oil!

    Step 16

    Now finally add the toasted bred with anchovies and olives

    Step 17

    Mix it all togheter with a wooden spoon and serve it! A wine of Southern Italy will be perfect, not bad also a cold beer if u prefer! You'll love this pasta!