How to Cook the Best S'mores

by Scott Bohlen


  • Big marshmallows - 1 bag
  • Hershey bars -plain - 1 bar makes 2 s'mores
  • Graham crackers - 1 Box plain
  • Flat grill fork - 1 or more
  • Charcoal, lit, after cooking burgers...
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Charcoal an hour or so old... Perfectly HOT for s'mores

    Step 2

    Pre-assemble your s'mores

    Step 3

    Two at a time turning the fork slowly and about an inch or two from the coals

    Step 4

    I use the graham cracker to push the marshmallows off the fork, then squish...

    Step 5

    Then cook a moment or so longer... Melts the chocolate just a bit and toasts the cracker

    Step 6

    You will catch a whiff of the cracker toasting... It's like 30 seconds or so - then eat!