How to Cook Pasta the "Right" Way!👍

by Alyssa Rae

This is a no-fail guide to perfect al dente pasta every time. (I meant to post this last week, sorry. Better late than never!!)


  • 1 Pounds Dried Pasta
  • Sea salt
  • Large stock pot
  • Strainer or Colander
  • Water
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    This is how my mom taught me to cook pasta. She learned from her grandmother who learned from her mother in the old country. My great-great-grandmother's tradition passed down through the years.

    Step 2

    I know every family has traditions and they all differ from each other. This is mine; my family's "right" way. 🇮🇹👍

    Step 3

    Here are 2 of our 3 ingredients. All we need now is our boiling water! Note: this method is for dried pasta. Fresh pasta is a different method altogether.

    Step 4

    This is my stock pot. It has a built in strainer. You can just use a big pot and a separate strainer if you don't have one like this 😊.

    Step 5

    Fill the pot with plenty of water - the amount depends on the size of your pan. The rule of thumb is usually 2 quarts per pound of pasta. You can eyeball it by filling your pot just under 2/3 full.

    Step 6

    This may sound like common sense but I've seen it done otherwise so...Put your largest burner on HIGH. We are aiming for a rolling boil. The quickest way to achieve this is on high heat.

    Step 7

    Cover on. Wait for the bubbles! And remember the old adage - a watched pot never boils! So...Wash some dishes, sing a song, prep your salad, drink your wine...

    Step 8

    ...and before you know it, bingo!!! This is the rolling boil we want!!

    Step 9

    At the first signs of a good boil add the salt. This is the ONLY chance we have to season our pasta so don't be stingy! I don't know the exact measurement because I usually eyeball. Maybe a handful.

    Step 10

    PLEASE. I am begging you. DO NOT put oil in your water. Oil coats your pasta making it impossible for sauce to cling to it.

    Step 11

    Adding oil is the worst thing to do. If you want to keep your pasta from sticking, STIR IT! Every few minutes should do 😄

    Step 12

    After salting the water, allow to return to a full, rolling boil. Then add pasta, stirring once it's all in to keep it from clumping/sticking.

    Step 13

    Once pasta is in and stirred, replace cover keeping it slightly ajar, to bring back to a full boil.

    Step 14

    Stir occasionally (every 2 min or so) to keep pasta from sticking.

    Step 15

    This is our happy place. This is what we want! Boil for 7-9 minutes for al dente.

    Step 16

    "Al Dente" literally translated from Italian means "to the tooth". Perfect al dente pasta should have just a little bite to it. Pasta should never be mushy!

    Step 17

    Use a slotted spoon to retrieve a few pieces, run them under cold water for a few seconds to cool, then test. Take a small bite. There should be no trace of white, uncooked pasta in the center.

    Step 18

    Still crunchy? 2-3 more minutes should do the trick! Keep an eye on it and test again before straining.

    Step 19

    When it's perfect, strain the pasta.

    Step 20

    Your pasta is ready to be added to your favorite recipe - red sauce, Alfredo sauce, mac & cheese, pasta salad...the "pastabilities" are endless!!

    Step 21

    I hope you find this guide useful and easy to follow. Please feel free to ask any question in the comment section. I always respond ☺. Thanks for watching! Now, go! Mangia!! 🍝🍷