How to Cook Nigerian Tomato and Chicken Stew

by Tim Gron


  • Plum (Roma/Italian) Tomatoes (10-15)
  • Whole Chicken
  • Yellow Onion (1)
  • Thyme (1 tablespoon)
  • Vegetable Oil (alot - about 400 ml)
  • Sriracha Chilli Paste/Sauce (add to preference)
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Step 1: blend the Roma/Italian Tomatoes and add to a non-stick pot

    Step 2

    Cook tomatoes on high heat until water is gone

    Step 3

    While the tomatoes are cooking, slice up the onion into small pieces

    Step 4

    Tomatoes still boiling... Stir periodically as it begins to thicken

    Step 5

    Add half the onion and a generous amount of veg oil once the water has evaporated

    Step 6

    Step 7

    Step 8

    Step 9

    Chopped up chicken + carcass. Don't throw the carcass out! We will use it to add flavour

    Step 10

    Chop up a tablespoon of fresh thyme

    Step 11

    Preparing the chicken. Add chicken, remaining onion, thyme, and 2 chicken stock cubes to pot

    Step 12

    Add water up to the contents of the pot and bring to a boil

    Step 13

    Keep stirring the tomatoes while the chicken cooks

    Step 14

    Once the chicken is cooked, remove the pieces from the pot, set on a baking pan with tin foil, and broil in the oven until crisp.

    Step 15

    Add salt and put chicken in oven to broil

    Step 16

    Add 2 cans of tomato paste once the oil has begun to separate and the sour taste has weakened.

    Step 17

    I added the paste about 1 hour after adding the oil and onions. At this stage, you can also add any chilli sauce or hot sauce

    Step 18

    Strain the chicken broth, and separate the onion. Keep both. They will be added to the tomatoes once finished.

    Step 19

    Once all sour taste is gone the stew is done cooking. It took this patch 1h 45 min to cook. Now drain out the excess oil.

    Step 20

    Add the chicken and left over ingredients removed from the chicken stock. Once mixed together, you can pour in some chicken stock if the consistency is too thick. It also adds a lot of flavour.

    Step 21

    The final product! Enjoy with rice or African yams