How to Cook Meringue Cookies

by Dayle Cook

Paleo, primal cookie, dessert, Meringue, use for egg whites after making egg yoke custard ice cream.


  • Egg whites, 4-5 or whatever you are left with
  • Sugar, type of your liking, 1/4 C / 4 whites
  • 1/4 t cream of tartar (optional)
  • Coconut Fine grind (optional)
  • Vanilla I used 1T for 8 whites
  • ¼ Cups Dark Chocolate chips (optional) I used w 3 whites
  • Pinch Salt
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    I think I had 8 whites left over from French Ice Cream.

    Step 2

    I used Coconut Palm Sugar which made it dark. You can use xylitol.

    Step 3

    Beat a couple minutes to stiff peaks.

    Step 4

    Add sugar of choice and cream of tartar if you like.

    Step 5

    I beat again until the sugar crystals were mixed in well.

    Step 6

    That is smooth.

    Step 7

    I took out ~ 1/3 and gently folded in 1/3 cup dark chocolate pieces.

    Step 8

    Now scoop by spoon to parchment papered cookie sheets. Don't forget the Parchment Paper or you will ruin your cookie sheet.

    Step 9

    I added a cup of coconut to the remainder. It should be gently folded in. I made the mistake of using the mixer and deflated it some.

    Step 10

    Chocolate chips meringue spoon dropped on parchment. Bake in 350° for 7 min, turn down to 200° for one hour, turn oven off and leave in oven to cool 3 hours or overnight. They dry up crispy, crunchy.

    Step 11

    It is dry here so I don't think they would absorb moisture, but store appropriately for your area if you can stop eating them.