How to Cook Mango Shrimp Curry With Coconut Milk!

by Elizabeth John


  • Semi ripe mangoes 2
  • Shrimp 1 pound
  • Garlic and red onion
  • Zucchinii 2
  • Jalapeno 2
  • Oil, salt, turmeric powder,cumin powder
  • Mustard seeds
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Chop the not so sweet mango and jalapeño and garlic and blend them to a paste in a blender/mixer

    Step 2

    Keep this mix of mangoes,garlic and jalapeño aside while you cook the shrimps

    Step 3

    Heat the oil and add a teaspoon of mustard seeds,they will make a popping sound when they are ready..add the chopped onion and wait till it browns!

    Step 4

    Shrimp covered with spices -cumin,coriander ,turmeric powders with just a little bit of black pepper being cooked under simmer!

    Step 5

    I added the zucchini after 5 mins of cooking the shrimps and now will cook them for about 5 more minutes together

    Step 6

    I then poured the mango garlic jalapeño mixture to the shrimp being cooked

    Step 7

    I am about to eat this with rice !!