How to Cook Langue De Chat Chocolate Mousse

by Michel Daher

French named dessert similar to this usually sells for $7-8/piece, we're gonna make a whole slab (12 slices) for under $14. Glad to be back with you all again. Enjoy! The chocolate lover's dream!


  • 2 Packets Italian sponge fingers
  • 100 Grams Unsalted Butter
  • 500 Grams Premium dark chocolate
  • 4 Fresh oranges
  • 600 Milliliters Fresh whipping cream
  • 600 Milliliters Processed Orange juice
  • 2 Tablespoons Sugar
  • ΒΌ Cups Milk
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    I certainly have missed making guides. It's really been too long. So as usual formalities: Did you miss me? Do you even remember me? And most important DID YOU WASH YOUR HANDS! :) I'm back ;)

    Step 2

    500 grams of your favourite baking chocolate. You can use any brand you like. This was on sale so I bought 10 packets. Smart shopper here despite the calories!

    Step 3

    600 ml of whipping cream to really make sure we don't lose any weight.

    Step 4

    2 fresh oranges. You can use the supply guide and actually use 4 but the juice is just for dipping the sponge fingers in, so you can choose. In my case it's 2.

    Step 5

    100 grams of unsalted butter for that real good artery blocking feeling.

    Step 6

    Extract the juice from the oranges.

    Step 7

    We still use prehistoric manual juicers in our house. So for those who don't know how to use one, you push and spin and twist..

    Step 8

    And nothing goes to waste in this house when my sister helps out with our recipes. If you have a sister like mine, you might want to use 8 oranges as she juices half and eats half.

    Step 9

    Pour both fresh juice and packet orange juice into a saucepan add the 3- 4 tablespoons of sugar and heat it up so the sugar dissolves completely. The amount of sugar depends on the sweetness you like.

    Step 10

    Leave the juice to cool right down, while we get the chocolate ready. It's harder to work with hot juice!

    Step 11

    Using a stainless steel bowl over gently boiling water, melt the butter first. Add 1/4 cup of milk just to help the chocolate melt without splitting and burning.

    Step 12

    Piece by piece add the chocolate and stir gently. Please don't burn the chocolate. Even with the double boiler method, you can still burn chocolate. So reduce the boiling temperature to low.

    Step 13

    Someone forgot to stir..

    Step 14

    Melted chocolate! Don't worry about the little gritty lumpy bits. That's what happens when you turn on the fire too high and you don't add enough milk at the beginning of the melting process.

    Step 15

    Onto the cream. Lightly whip the 600 ml of cream with the beater. We don't want it firm.. Firm cream reduces the bubbles ... Bubbles??? So about 2 minutes or until soft peaks form.

    Step 16

    Beat beat beat! For me chocolate mousse should have LOTS of bubbles. With this recipe, if you take away the sponge fingers you end up with the best mousse ever!!

    Step 17

    In a square tin, place enough plastic wrap to cover the entire inside of the container. It needs to hang over the edges also so you can pull the cake out when it's firm.

    Step 18

    Pour the whipped cream into the chocolate. You're gonna love this part!! This is where you get to lick the chocolate. Just to taste ;)

    Step 19

    Mix / stir by folding first. Then you can go all out with the spoon.

    Step 20

    Keep going... Mix mix mix ... Sing a song ...

    Step 21

    Make sure you get all the chocolate from the bottom of the bowl too. Keep stirring until it's all the same colour.

    Step 22

    See! Even 71 year old children still enjoy a lick of the spoon when I'm making chocolate cake or mousse .. Let's get back to bathing the biscuits in heavenly citrus!

    Step 23

    Dip the sponge biscuits into the cooled down orange juice..don't drown the biscuit or it will break. A little soak will do.

    Step 24

    Start laying them to rest side by side in your square tin.

    Step 25

    Cover with chocolate

    Step 26

    Add more layers of biscuit .. Don't you remember how much we love layers?

    Step 27

    More biscuit...

    Step 28

    More chocolate ... More biscuit .... And your top layer must be biscuit. They will be the platform for when you turn it over. Put it in the fridge overnight and .... Enjoy!!!

    Step 29

    Please share with me what you've all been up to since my brief absence? Espresso Martini anyone? Dear non alcohol drinking followers, I can offer you an espresso without the martini!

    Step 30

    Although we have been a little absent from guide making, we haven't forgotten you and we really appreciate your support and continued messaging and emails.

    Step 31

    My sister named this and was trying to teach me the name of this dessert and I just keep forgetting it! so, I'm going to just call this recipe "cat's tongue mousse!! Hugs from us!