How to Cook Chicken Katsu

by Ardo Kusuma

Cook yummy chicken katsu


  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Garlic / Garlic Powder
  • Bread Crumbs
  • White Flour
  • Egg/s
  • Chicken Thighs
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    You will need some chicken thighs, salt, pepper, and garlic powder (you can also use real garlic if you want to do some extra work)

    Step 2

    You will also need some bread crumbs, flour, and an egg or two, depending on how many chickens you're going to cook

    Step 3

    Use the dull side of the knife to "open" up the chicken and make it a bit more tender and easier to cook.

    Step 4

    After you do the dull knife thing, put some of those spices on the chickens evenly (on both sides). I got the chicken from Costco (Costco for life).

    Step 5

    Open up the egg (or eggs) and stir the yolk

    Step 6

    Spread out the bread crumbs on a baking pan or something that is wide

    Step 7

    Cover the chicken thighs with flour on both sides.

    Step 8

    Heat up some fat, delicious olive oil. You're eating something fried, might as well go all out. I never put the heat higher than medium. You don't want the oil to be too hot.

    Step 9

    When the oil is hot enough, cover the chicken with bread crumbs. We will use the egg (or eggs) here.

    Step 10

    Flip after a while. I'd say keep checking every 5 mins.

    Step 11

    NERDS ONLY!!! If you've been visited by the Doctor, use his sonic screwdriver to make it cook faster.

    Step 12

    After they're done, you might want to strain the oil a bit before eating them. But again, feel free to not do this step and enjoy the fatness.