How to Cook Chicken Fricase

by Jonathan Childers


Step 1

To get the best, you must use the best...this is where a pressure cooker comes handy.

Step 2

First start by making the rice.(I'm using a rice cooker) Add the 3 cups of rice to your rice cooker.

Step 3

After rinsing rice thoroughly, add 3 1/4 cups of water into container and place in rice cooker. Add salt to taste and a tablespoon of oil. Set to quick cook.

Step 4

To make the fricase, Start with 3 or 4 peeled golden potatoes.

Step 5

A 15 oz can of tomato sauce

Step 6

1 tbs veg. Or canola oil

Step 7

Add oil to pressure cooker pot

Step 8

Add chicken to your pot

Step 9

Add adobo seasoning to your chicken

Step 10

Add spanish cooking wine to the pot

Step 11

Add lemon juice

Step 12

You can also substitute sour orange for lemon juice(optional)

Step 13

Add garlic

Step 14

Very important! Add a liberal amount of salt.

Step 15

Use any color bell pepper you prefer.

Step 16

Add chopped bell pepper

Step 17

Cut your potatoes into quarters and add to pot.

Step 18

Add minced/chopped yellow onion

Step 19

Add half a can of tomato sauce

Step 20

Add half can of water

Step 21

Step 22

Add food coloring

Step 23

Step 24

Add cumin

Step 25

Add complete seasoning

Step 26

Give it a good mix

Step 27

Add pot to pressure cooker and set for 35 min on high pressure.

Step 28

Once timer is done, release pressure by opening valve. Wait for all the pressure to release before opening cooker. (Notice the red ball at the top will go down once pressure has dissipated)

Step 29

Th red ball will lower once all pressure is released like so

Step 30

Swimming pool of yummy goodness!

Step 31

The end result, heavenly goodness!!

Step 32

Please feel free to add any accompaniments to the dish such as soda crackers, spanish olives, etc. Variation: use dry chorizo instead of chicken.