How to Cook Boiled Crab With Garlic Butter Sauce

by Cee Cee Rivera

Easy-To-Do Dinner This is perfect for a lazy cooking evening & you just want to have a Healthy Shelly dinner 😀


Step 1

4 Medium Crabs (or more depends on how many you want to eat 😊)

Step 2

4 pcs Chopped Garlic

Step 3

and last 4 tbsp Melted Butter

Step 4

First set your alarm to 10 minutes and boil your Crabs. Make sure that your Crabs are covered with water. You'll know it's cook when the Crabs turns to red.

Step 5

Once cook, drain the water and set the Crabs aside. Let it cool. Then fry your Garlic just when it become light brown then add it to your melted butter.

Step 6

Wallah! Cut your Crabs into half and remove the lungs. And then pour the Garlic Butter Sauce on the crab meat(Yum). This menu can be served with jasmine rice or just eat it as it is. Bon A Petit 🍴