How to Cook a Potato in the Microwave

by Erin Taylor


  • Potato
  • Plate
  • Wet paper towel
  • Fork
  • Microwave
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Wash potato with cold water

    Step 2

    Poke several holes in potato with fork

    Step 3

    Wet paper towel slowly & ring out excess water

    Step 4

    Wrap potato in wet paper towel

    Step 5

    (Or both if your potato has a friend going along with it)

    Step 6

    Put in microwave for 3 min (add 30 seconds for each additional potato)

    Step 7

    Let cool for about 10 seconds

    Step 8

    Unwrap the potatoes (careful! there will be steam)

    Step 9

    Serve and enjoy!! (I added butter, provolone cheese, and a little ranch)