How to Cook a Potato in the Microwave

by Erin Taylor


  • Card stock - yellow & orange
  • Washable Paint - red, orange, brown, yellow
  • Tissue paper - fall colors
  • Fall leaves
  • Glue- Elmer's type
  • Wax paper
  • Scissors
  • Paper plate
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Thanksgiving is a time for reflecting on our many blessings. We’re thankful for our families, our health, our homes, and many things.

    Step 2

    A grateful attitude is good, but let’s get more specific about praising the Lord from whom all blessings flow. Help your children think about Jesus and His sacrifice.

    Step 3

    Here's a fun class project or just something to keep the kiddos busy while you're cooking. Download the printable template and let your children use their imagination to decorate it. Here are 3 ideas.

    Step 4

    Print out these helpful Bible verses. Or, explore the Bible with your children to come up with your own.

    Step 5

    Tear and crumple - Are you a closet collector of tissue paper? Here’s a perfect use for it. Tear up pieces, crumple them, and glue them.

    Step 6

    Hunt and gather - fall leaves. Spend time together outdoors. Use the opportunity to talk about the beauty of God’s creation.

    Step 7

    Print out (2) cross templates. Cut out just the crosses on each. Tape wax paper to the inside of each sheet. Glue leaves over cross opening. Glue the two sheets together. Hole punch for hanging.

    Step 8

    Get messy - use fingerprints to paint the cross. Pour fall colors on a plate and let kids have fun mixing colors.

    Step 9

    These are just a few ideas. Have fun with other materials, such as glitter, shaving cream mixed with paint, or simply color the cross.

    Step 10

    You can download this free printable cross template at

    Step 11

    Printable coloring page. Find it free at

    Step 12

    Thankful for Jesus Craft Instructions. Free printable download available at

    Step 13

    Find free children's activities with meaningful messages at Our purpose is to teach children about Jesus. Egglo features the glow-in-the-dark Egglo Egg hunt to see the light of Jesus.