How to Color With Prismacolor (Lesson 1: Shading)

by Annie Huang


  • Colored pencils
  • A drawing you want to color
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Well, here is the deal; a lot of people think that when you put a brand name in the topic, they think that you HAVE to get that brand. No, you don't have to. Regular colored pencils will do.

    Step 2

    Well, maybe not those colored pencils that are so hard that when you draw, you can't see anything. Crayola is ok, but I don't exactly recommend it for this work. Don't worry, it will still look nice.

    Step 3

    Start with your box of colored pencils. Mine are prismacolors.

    Step 4

    I JUST organized these pencils. Don't worry, these aren't all of them.

    Step 5

    THESE are all of them. A lot, huh?

    Step 6

    Now, this lesson is on shading. Shading always seem hard to some people.

    Step 7

    Ok, get out the darkest color you are going to color with. If your object is red, go with the darkest red you have. If your object is blue, so on... This is a black and white ball.

    Step 8

    Lightly color in the base coat. Don't color the whole thing. Just the shadow part. Where that is, is opposite the direction of the light. So, if the light is in the upper right corner, it's in the

    Step 9

    lower left corner. That's pretty easy, right?

    Step 10

    Done! Add pressure to the very edges, seen here, and lessen your pressure when getting to the light spot.

    Step 11

    Take your second darkest color.

    Step 12

    And go over the last layer before working to the highlight. This helps blend the colors together.

    Step 13

    Now use your white and blend the second darkest color into the highlight. That is it! Easy, right?

    Step 14

    If you have questions, email