How to Color Hair

by Katelyn Carey

Hey everyone! I'm Katelyn and this snap guide is about how to color hair using color brush and color bowl.


  • 1 Pair of gloves
  • 4 Clips
  • 1 Color brush
  • 1 Color bowl
  • 1 Tube of color ( this may depend on how much hair)
  • 1 Rat tail comb
  • 1 Timer
  • 1 Cape
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    These are all the supplies you should use and need.

    Step 2

    Drape your client with the cape.

    Step 3

    It should look like this with the cape over the corners of the chair.

    Step 4

    Put your gloves on!

    Step 5

    Then mix your color. (Instead of color I used cholesterol because my moms hair did not need to be colored)

    Step 6

    Although it is cholesterol, it should look like this. It's just demonstrating that your color needs to be all mixed up.

    Step 7

    Section the hair into four sections.

    Step 8

    The four sections should look like this.

    Step 9

    Apply color to hairline and outlines of sections.

    Step 10

    Applying color around the hairline can be tricky but if you get it on their skin make sure to wipe it off right away and you will be fine. Make sure to get every hair!

    Step 11

    Take 1/8 of an inch part from your section and apply the color on the parting with you're color brush.

    Step 12

    Continue to do this through the whole section .

    Step 13

    After all the sections are done, you need to massage the color into the client's hair just to make sure all the hair has color on it. Set your timer.

    Step 14

    Make sure to set the timer to the right time that the color product says that it will take to process. It's usually takes 25 minutes.

    Step 15

    After the time is up, you take your client to the shampoo bowl.

    Step 16

    Rinse the color out. DO NOT SHAMPOO!

    Step 17

    Then condition the hair with conditioner. Talk to your client about having shampoo at home that protects color so the hard work you just did doesn't wash out.

    Step 18

    After you are done with the client at the shampoo bowl, dry the client's hair and style the client's hair to their desire.

    Step 19

    This is what it should look like! Your client is happy and loving their hair. Thank you for choosing my snap guide. I hope it helps and I hope you enjoyed it. :)