How to Color Filled Canvas Wall Hanging by Monica Downing

by Art Anthology

Follow along with me and make a beautiful Canvas Wall Hanging for yourself or to give someone as a gift. Check out the Art Anthology blog too


  • Gesso
  • Art Anthology Stucco
  • Art Anthology Sorbet Tink
  • Art Anthology Sorbet Pixie
  • Art Anthology Velvet Leaf
  • Art Anthology Sorbet Shamrock
  • Art Anthology Velvet Fiji
  • Art Anthology Gemstones Rhodolite
  • Art Anthology Gemstones Flourite
  • Art Anthology Colorations Spray Juicy
  • Art Anthology Colorations Spray Glorious
  • 2 Miniature Canvases (available at Walmart)
  • Black and White checkered Duct Tape
  • Hot Gue Gun
  • 3 in 1 Glue
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    First you want to randomly cover your raw canvas. By this I mean leave some of it raw, cover only parts of it in Gesso...Dry with a heat Gun

    Step 2

    Grab your Art Anthology Stucco, a palette knife, and the Art Anthology small doily stencil. Place it on the bottom of your canvas piece. I used a portion of it, then spread the stucco on the stencil.

    Step 3

    Use your finger to hold the stencil firmly in place, spread the stucco across the stencil with the palette knife. Do this along the edges & top of the stencil. Place it wherever you want the design.

    Step 4

    Here you can see the gesso'd and stenciled piece of canvas. I used a heat gun to dry mine because I am inpatient hehe.

    Step 5

    Using my finger, I rubbed Tink, Pixie and a small amount of Lemon Tart on the canvas where I did NOT stencil. I just kept adding color until I was happy with the result. Your fingers make great tools

    Step 6

    Using a brush, I added leaves. Just place them randomly on the canvas. I used shamrock, then went in with Leaf after the shamrock had dried. I then wanted to add some stems. You can see them here

    Step 7

    I patted out a bit of Shamrock and Leaf onto my mat then ran the edge of an old gift card through the paint. I then swiped the card on the canvas piece to create the stem.

    Step 8

    Now for some more color. I used the Flourite, Rhodolite, and Fiji to color the stenciled area. I used a dry brush and not too much paint. Lightly move the brush in a swirling motion.

    Step 9

    You don't want a lot of paint on the canvas underneath the stenciled area. You want there to be white space to create a look of depth. Just keep going over lightly until you get the look you want

    Step 10

    Here is a shot of my flowers. Some areas I did lighter and some darker

    Step 11

    With the Glorious and Juicy, mist your mini canvases. I let the colors pool together and drip a bit then dried with a heat gun. I then stamped my words onto paper and adhered them to the canvases.

    Step 12

    Here you can also see I added some butterflies. I had these left over from my last project that we did with Heartfelt Creations.

    Step 13

    You can check out my snapguide on the Prima Altered Frame to see how I created the butterflies. You could also use printed out butterflies or anything you like. I glued the canvases on with hot glue

    Step 14

    This is where the duct tape comes in. I cut it and use it on the edges of the mini canvases and the entire canvas piece and it creates a contrasting border. Just Fold the tape over the backside.

    Step 15

    Here is the completed piece...I love how this came out and it is hanging in my entry way. I hope this inspires you to make a color filled wall hanging for your home or as a gift. Thanks. Monica

    Step 16

    Be sure and check our blog daily for new posts from other design team members. Thanks...

    Step 17

    Step 18