How to Clone an NPP and Add Your Own Content

by Nearpod's Guides


  • 1 internet browser
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Sign into using your credentials.

    Step 2

    Once in your Library, select the presentation that you'd like to clone. Remember, first you need to download it from the Store on the Nearpod app. Tap on the 'Clone' button.

    Step 3

    The copy of the presentation will open up and you will see all the slides and interactive features displayed in the exact same way.

    Step 4

    You can select the slides or interactive features that you'd like to delete from your presentation and tap on the 'Delete' button.

    Step 5

    Tap on the '+' button at the bottom of the presentation to add more slides or interactive features.

    Step 6

    You can re-arrange the order of the slides and interactive features.

    Step 7

    You can also change the name of the presentation to adapt it to your lesson.

    Step 8

    When ready, click on 'Done' and once back in your Library, select the presentation. Tap on the 'Publish' button.

    Step 9

    You'll see a white checkmark next to the name of the presentation when it has been published. Check out our new NPPs, available for free at the Nearpod Store!