How to Chiffonade Basil (Or Other Herbs)

by Courtney Price

A simple step by step way to "ribbon" your larger leafed herbs for elegant presentation


  • 1 Bunch Basil
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Begin with fresh basil, washed.

    Step 2

    remove the leaves, stack them neatly...

    Step 3

    roll the stack of leaves from the top down to the bottom, tightly but gently...

    Step 4

    When you have the stack rolled, place it gently on your cutting board with the bottom of the leaves down(to keep roll in tact), slice thinly from right to left. Watch your fingers!

    Step 5

    Final product- quick, easy, beautiful!

    Step 6

    See how I use the basil chiffonade at on my Watermelon Salad post

    Step 7

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