How to Charge USB-devices Without a Seperate USB-charger

by Martin Storbeck

Some devices won't charge using a standard USB-charger - or you simply don't have one. Here is what to do!


  • Device with USB-Port
  • Micro-USB cable
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    In case you have a device that can only be charged using a computer, here might be a solution for your problem!

    Step 2

    My Sony eReader is pretty good at battery power because of it's special display. But when the battery runs out, I'm screwed...

    Step 3

    Using a standard USB-charger simply won't work. Maybe you're experiencing the same problem with any other of your devices.

    Step 4

    Why won't it charge? Because the device waits for a data connection before accepting power from a USB source - it wants to be plugged into a computer!

    Step 5

    Here is what to do without having your computer turned on all the time:

    Step 6

    Look around you, which other computing devices do you have? Maybe your router has a free USB-port that is working with the device.

    Step 7

    I finally found a Wireless LAN repeater I'm using in my house, which does the job very well.

    Step 8

    Mission accomplished: It is charging!