How to Change the Way You Hang Things on the Wall Forever

by A. Reneé Degarmeaux

I was going to focus on organizing my office today, but, Yo! and behold... The first thing I did was snap guide worthy. So, here it is!


  • Painters blue tape
  • Screws/nails
  • Screwdriver/hammer
  • Garment tape (optional)/Sharpie
  • A level, if you're compulsive.
  • Drywall plugs, if necessary.
  • Thing to hang
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Use painters tape to measure how far apart you would like your screws or nails to be. If this were a picture you would measure from the center of one hook to the center of the other.

    Step 2

    If you are a genius, you already figured out how this step can be done easier. I figured it out at the end of this guide - and I'll show you. However, this is useful to get a feel for for the space.

    Step 3

    Pull tape from the back of what you are hanging and center it. At this point, you can use a level to make sure it is not caddywhompus. If you are like me, you eyeball everything and don't need it.

    Step 4

    I am drilling for wall anchors/drywall plugs. Use these when you are not directly screwing or nailing into a stud. *hee hee* This keeps your wall hanging from ripping a giant hole in the drywall.

    Step 5

    Hammer your drywall anchor in. I always think I can just bang one in with a shoe or a hard cover thesaurus. Today I tried a box of business cards. It never works, they always snap. Get the hammer.

    Step 6

    Screw your screw. Nail your nail. Pin your pin. Whatever it is, leave a 1/8 to 1/4 inch protruding - depending on what is needed.

    Step 7

    Painters tape is a must if you don't want to jack up the paint on your wall. Truth is, you don't even have to pull off the tape. It'll be covered. This is getting easier and easier!

    Step 8

    So happy with myself. I am reorganizing my office. #dontjudge

    Step 9

    If you get motion sick easily, you might not want to watch this vid clip. Sorry. 😬 What can I use to help take photos and videos with my phone so both of my hands are available?? 3rd hand, I know.

    Step 10

    Thanks again! She really is snoozin' hard....