How to Change Oxygen Tanks

by H. Coleman Dougherty


  • Crescent wrench
  • Fresh oxygen tank
  • Something to connect it to
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Locate your tank and regulator

    Step 2

    Make sure your tank is all the way off

    Step 3

    Loosen with wrench

    Step 4

    Undo it the rest of the way with your fingers

    Step 5

    Remove regulator carefully

    Step 6

    Screw the nozzle guard back on the old tank

    Step 7

    Remove nozzle guard from fresh tank

    Step 8

    Screw on the regulator finger tight

    Step 9

    Tighten with wrench

    Step 10

    Make sure the regulator is completely off

    Step 11

    Turn on the tank. It will be tight at first

    Step 12

    You will hear a little click which will indicate that oxygen has begun flowing. Turning should be easier now.

    Step 13

    Your capacity regulator will indicate how full the tank is