How to Canvas Your Own Photos

by Erika Fill


  • 1 Canvas
  • 2 Paint Brushes
  • 1 Modge Podge (Matte or Gloss, Dries Clear)
  • 1 Printed Photo on Plain Computer Paper
  • 1 Bunch Post-It Notes
  • 1 Paint
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    The Supplies!

    Step 2

    On the back of your printed picture, lay down a light layer of Modge Podge with one of your paint brushes

    Step 3

    Flip your picture right side up and lay it on your canvas (If you're picture is too big, trim it down)

    Step 4

    Modge Podge all over your picture, if you have white residue on your picture, don't sweat it, it dries clear.

    Step 5

    Wait for it to dry

    Step 6

    Once dry, make your border. Post-It notes work better the tape, since they don't rip your picture when you pull it off. (I like to have my border overlap my picture a little, it helps it blend)

    Step 7

    Complete your border all the way around (I like to tape the Post-Its together so they don't move around when I am painting my border)

    Step 8

    Now Paint! The Post-It notes help keep a straight line around your picture, just paint towards the edge of the canvas instead of painting to the center

    Step 9

    Don't forget to paint the sides of the canvas ....Wait for it to dry

    Step 10

    Once dry, pull of the Post-It Notes and...

    Step 11

    Voila! You've just completed your canvas photo

    Step 12