How to Bypass Bluereef (Staff Only) SCBC

by Bradley Golding


  • iPad
  • Finger
  • SCBC staff username and password
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Go to SCBC Portal and login with a STAFF PASSWORD.

    Step 2

    Press 'Bluereef student bypass ticket' (in black).

    Step 3

    Login with school username and password. (STAFF ONLY).

    Step 4

    This page will pop up.

    Step 5

    Press on 'My Bypass' (in black).

    Step 6

    Press on 'Generate Ticket' (in black).

    Step 7

    Now put the code in the block page in the text box (in black).

    Step 8

    You have now bypassed bluereef. Thanks for reading.