How to Build LEGO-themed Shelves With Display Areas

by Martin Storbeck

Your kids are really into LEGO? Here is a way to theme their shelves so they look like giant bricks!


  • IKEA Besta Shelves
  • IKEA Besta Doors
  • Wooden Coasters
  • Spray Paint (different colours)
  • Some LEGO items to display
  • DIODER lights
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Warning: Don't show the results of this guide to your LEGO-addicted kids. They'll want it in their room immediately!

    Step 2

    So the basic idea of this guide is to turn some corner like this...

    Step 3

    Step 4

    ...into a LEGO-themed storage with display areas like that:

    Step 5

    A LEGO-themed storage with display areas.

    Step 6

    Here is a closer look at the doors.

    Step 7

    And in 2016, I took it even a little further: I created an easy qlib-on option, that you can put on Kallax & Expedit shelves. Find out more on

    Step 8

    I had two main goals: more storage and some nice display areas to showcase my latest LEGO projects

    Step 9

    You can do this with any old shelves you have, as long as they have LEGOish measures. Anyhow, I'll show you how it is done from the beginning...

    Step 10

    First: Note all measures

    Step 11

    I use an app called 'Measures' to note my measuring. Sounds reasonable, doesn't it?

    Step 12

    Next up: Imagine what it will look like

    Step 13

    Draw it...

    Step 14

    ... maybe build it.

    Step 15

    I had a look around and found that doors for IKEA BESTA shelves had the best proportions to resemble LEGO bricks.

    Step 16

    Buy the shelves & assemble them.

    Step 17

    In case you want to add lights, don't forget: You'll need some power (look at the center of the picture, there it is)

    Step 18

    I added IKEA Dioder lights to highlight the display areas

    Step 19

    Lights: Working.

    Step 20

    All shelves hanging.

    Step 21

    Last & most important: The LEGO-doors

    Step 22

    I ordered 60 of these wooden coasters to create the LEGO-doors. Found them on eBay.

    Step 23

    The concept is easy: Attach the coasters to the doors ...

    Step 24

    ... and paint it in any color you planned.

    Step 25

    The detailed steps for the LEGO doors:

    Step 26

    Get dressed properly for painting stuff. Put on your DIY shirt and some old pants. Keep in mind: You might look like this in the end...

    Step 27

    Just kidding 😉

    Step 28

    First of all, the base colour of the doors and the coasters has to be the same. I bought white doors, so I had to paint the coasters white as well.

    Step 29

    Lay out the coasters on a large piece of cardboard and start painting them.

    Step 30

    Here is what happens.

    Step 31

    When you're done, wait for the paint to dry.

    Step 32

    Meanwhile ... Prepare the door!

    Step 33

    Put in the screws carefully.

    Step 34

    They'll come out the other end.

    Step 35

    With the screws put in you can easily add the painted coasters to the door.

    Step 36

    But: LEGO has many colours. So let's go on painting!

    Step 37

    Spraypaint the coasters once before you add them to the doors.

    Step 38

    Spraypaint the door as well.

    Step 39

    Do it again in other colours.

    Step 40

    Wait until the paint has dried.!

    Step 41

    Put a little wood glue on the back of the coasters

    Step 42

    Paint it once again and the door is almost finished!

    Step 43

    Spray it with clear varnish as soon as the color has dried. It will improve the lifetime of the color and give it a glossy finish.

    Step 44

    More colors, more fun!

    Step 45

    Whenever you have some finished doors mount them. But before you do that: Prepare to be amazed!

    Step 46

    Here are all my doors attached - except for the last one!

    Step 47

    But it is not done yet. I'm sure you noticed the largest door is still missing. I prepared something special for that one.

    Step 48

    The square door would look awkward as a LEGO brick since there is no 3x3 plate, so I had something else in mind.

    Step 49

    I had a LEGO logo printed on adhesive foil and attached it to the door.

    Step 50

    The doors look really awesome!

    Step 51

    You can use the display areas as a white box as well.

    Step 52

    That train station is still missing a train

    Step 53

    The mini modulars next to the switches. The lower switch turns on the lights in the display areas.

    Step 54

    A lot room for more LEGO!

    Step 55

    ...or books & instructions.

    Step 56

    The downside: Costs

    Step 57

    The BESTA shelves & doors varied from 25€ (small+door) to 60€ (large+door&drawer) per shelf. Altogether ~300€

    Step 58

    In case you already have the shelves and doors and simply want to give them a nice new look, this will be a lot cheaper of course!

    Step 59

    The wooden coasters came 90cents per coaster. I ordered 60 because my initial planning was a little different.

    Step 60

    The spray paint was 8€ per bottle at the local hardware store, same applies to the clear varnish. I used 7 bottles in different colours plus 2x white and 3x clear varnish.

    Step 61

    The LEGO-Logo set me back 40€ at a local printing store.

    Step 62

    The DIODER lights were 20€ each, I used two packs. The remote controlled power outlet set me back 25€.

    Step 63

    Summed up: ~550€ plus many hours of making & coloring the doors ... Looking at it I must say: Worth every penny.

    Step 64

    Have creating it for yourself. If you need more inspiration, check out my other guides in the home category: