How to Build a Strat Guitar (Building Kit)

by Angelica Andersson


Step 1

I got this lovely stratocoaster kit from my dad when I started my summer vacation as a summer project. I love you dad.

Step 2

First thing you need to do is to wipe off the dust with a damp cloth. Ler it dry completely before painting.

Step 3

I decided to just clear varnish the body. But if you want another color that's up to you. Be sure to read the instructions. Let it dry.

Step 4

grind down the high spots with a fine sandpaper if needed.

Step 5

if it feels rough, sweep gently with sandpaper

Step 6

This is the first layer. I Did five.

Step 7

Now we're gonna put together the tuning keys.

Step 8

This is the things we Will need.

Step 9

First the screw

Step 10

Then the ring

Step 11

Then the bolt and tighten it.

Step 12

All the tuning keys. Now the small screws left.

Step 13

Like that

Step 14

Peel off the paper if you want

Step 15


Step 16

Place the nut in place

Step 17

This is the part you will put your neck in. Don't remove the wax

Step 18

Put it in and make sure it's tight

Step 19

Take a long screw and drill in the hole. When you're done you have a plate you will drill over, I don't have any picture of that

Step 20

Now it's time to start with the electricity. This part my dad helped me so I'm sorry for bad English and bad pictures.

Step 21

We drilled a hole trough there so the cables can come through

Step 22

Like that. You want 2 black and 1 red

Step 23

My dad choosed to use spade plugs instead of solder them.

Step 24

Step 25

screw the pickguard (do you really say it like that? Haha)

Step 26

I forgot to take a picture when I layed the bridge in place. But thats not hard at all. Just lay it in the hole and screw where the Holes are.

Step 27

First you need to put the springs in right place of the bridge under the guitar

Step 28

Here you can see how the springs is placed under the bridge

Step 29

Drill this to the "Wall"

Step 30

screw the plastic cover over the springs

Step 31

Ready to play :) sorry for My bad english and Thanks to My dad :)