How to Build a Minecraft Treehouse

by Phoebe Gibson



Step 1

Find a tree. Check✔

Step 2

Build a staircase around it using your favourite wood. Is it usable? Check✔

Step 3

Dig out some leaves and make a platform.

Step 4

Other side, dig out some holes for balconies.

Step 5

Add a second floor like the first and put fences in the balconies. Check✔

Step 6

Build a ladder out of the tree on wood planks.

Step 7

Build a crows nest around.

Step 8

From a distance. Yours might look completely different depending on the tree.

Step 9

Add furnishings.

Step 10


Step 11

This guide was requested by ♥ natnat5 ♥. I hope you enjoyed it :)