How to Build a Kitchenette Bar

by Jeff Clausen

Perfect for a room divider in a studio apartment.


  • Start with a vanity base or a similar item
  • One 4x4
  • Some various scrape wood
  • Bead board
  • Trim wood
  • Wood screws and trim nails
  • Appropriate size counter top
  • Drill, saw, hammer, glue....
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    I used a standard 5' vanity for the base of my bar.

    Step 2

    With the bar upside down, I cut 6 equal length 4x4 pieces so the height of the bar is a total of the standard 41". (This also includes my 1 5/8" thick bar top)

    Step 3

    I secured the 4x4s with scrape wood as shown.

    Step 4

    I surrounded the bottom with plywood, flush with the existing sides.

    Step 5

    I used two 4x8 sheets of bead board to cover the back, the two sides and the bottom front. (Glued & nailed)

    Step 6

    You can use a multiple of materials to cover your bar. Be creative.

    Step 7

    I measured, cut and numbered each piece of trim.

    Step 8

    Cut and number all the trim pieces for an easier application after painting them.

    Step 9

    I prepared the inexpensive trim pieces by sanding & painting before applying them to the bar.

    Step 10

    I applied the trim with glue and trim nails.

    Step 11

    Earlier, I purchased an old desk from the Salvation Army to use for the bar top and the inside shelves.

    Step 12

    I carefully dismantled the desk and am ready to sand down the top.

    Step 13

    It took some elbow grease, but I got the top sanded and ready for some finishing.

    Step 14

    After staining, I applied the high gloss finish.

    Step 15

    Let it dry for 72 hours.

    Step 16

    I used the sides of the desk for the shelves inside the bar.

    Step 17

    I painted the front of the bar, secured the top with heavy duty velcro and placed it in its new home.

    Step 18

    My daughter is now enjoying her new Kitchenette Bar in her new studio apartment.