How to Build a Fire

by Colton Morgan

How to make a basic camp fire


Step 1

Create the fire bed. Pick a site away from anything flammable such as bushes and trees. A dirt bottom layer is optimal.

Step 2

Gather tinder materials. This is the material that will start the fire. You can use leaves, pine straw, paper, etc. Just make sure it is dry.

Step 3

Gather Kindle material. This needs to be small sticks of wood that are dry.

Step 4

Gather fuel wood. This can be bigger logs that will burn longer.

Step 5

Place tinder in the center of the bed and light with a fuel source such as a lighter. Place the kindle above it in a tee-pee like manner.

Step 6

Place fuel wood above the existing fire in a tee-pee like manner as well. Keep adding fuel wood as needed to sustain the fire.