How to Build a (Fake) Laundry Chute in Your Bedroom

by Martin Storbeck

This is an easy trick you can apply to almost any kind of carcass to add a fake laundry chute.


  • 1 drawer
  • 2 drawer fronts
  • 2 hinges
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    In our bedroom we built a small cabinet for jewelry (in the top) and dirty laundry (on the bottom.

    Step 2

    There is a hatch that appears to be a laundry chute.

    Step 3

    In fact we just did not install a shelf between the top and the bottom hatch.

    Step 4

    We used a drawer in the bottom so you can simply slide out the dirty laundry when it is full.

    Step 5

    You can do this in any closet, cabinet or shelf as long as you get a drawer and two drawer fronts that match the width of the frames.

    Step 6

    The tricky part was to find these hinges in the hardware store. My advice: Save this photo and show it to a salesperson.

    Step 7

    Happy building!