How to Build a Cliff-Face House in Minecraft

by Phoebe Gibson

How to build a cliff house, so you are safe from monsters.


  • Minecraft ( duh )
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Hey guys! Today I'm building a cliff house. Sorry for the terrible photos. 😣

    Step 2

    First find a suitable cliff.

    Step 3

    Get all the blocks of a certain wood type. It can be any you choose. Or any other blocks!

    Step 4

    Build a design base for the shape of your house.

    Step 5

    Build up the walls by 4 blocks for a normal house or higher if you want.

    Step 6

    Build beams across from one corner to the others. I added an arched wall.

    Step 7

    On all regular walls put planks along the bottom and top, up the sides if you want, then add glass in the middle.

    Step 8

    Go in and fill in the floor.

    Step 9

    Dig out the cliff to the same dimensions as the outer walls.

    Step 10

    Fill the walls to look like the others.

    Step 11

    Inside, dig a tunnel to the other side of the hill, so you can get into your house.

    Step 12

    Fill the ceiling, wall and floor however you want. Dont forget to add some light!

    Step 13

    I put a frame of stairs with leaves and glowstone in the middle.

    Step 14

    At the end of the hall add some lights and an entrance.

    Step 15

    There's the way in! The lights make it easy to spot at night time.

    Step 16

    Add doors so the mobs cant get in.

    Step 17

    Back to the house! Start to build a roof, extend it one block off the frame and make it fit the house.

    Step 18

    Extend all the way to the cliff.

    Step 19

    On the rest of the outer frame add a balcony with planks and fences on top.

    Step 20

    Add a door into the house.

    Step 21

    Inside my roof is all messy. 😖 Lets fix that.

    Step 22

    I decided to shape it out and turn into another room but you could just fill it in, or make a secret painting room!

    Step 23

    In the little room, I added some lights too.

    Step 24

    Start to fill in the roof/second floor inside the house.

    Step 25

    Add a trapdoor and a ladder or some stairs.

    Step 26

    Back in the hallway start to build another hall off from the main one, start to build a staircase until you get to the surface.

    Step 27

    Finally... Add a small surround and doors to make sure zombies dont wander in.

    Step 28

    Add some stilts to make the house stable, also add some light.

    Step 29

    All done! Yours may not look the same because obviously it will have to fit the cliff you found.

    Step 30

    Congrats! I hope you really like this guide and that your house turns out cool! Comment and like. Also request any other Minecraft guides you want. Bye!