How to Build a Bookshelf

by Nathan Kahue

A simple modern-rustic bookshelf that is easy on your budget and can easily be re-vamped into different heights and lengths.


  • 3: 1"x8"x8' white pine board (about $9.50)
  • 12: 8"x8"x16" cinder blocks ($1.46)
  • Books!
  • 1" slats to balance
  • 3: old rags
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    12 cinder blocks

    Step 2

    Old rags to keep from scratching floor.

    Step 3

    Starting to stack.

    Step 4

    1" slats to make shelf level.

    Step 5

    Keep stacking.

    Step 6

    Add the last three blocks wherever you like on the top. (This helps keep the whole thing steady)

    Step 7

    Add books and nicknacks!

    Step 8

    This is the shelf a year later with more books. Yay!