How to Become a Joule Thief (pRe-cycled Batteries)

by Maury Estabrooks


Step 1

Our office thinks green so we recycle batteries.

Step 2

One day, the container filled to the brim. We were responsible to ship the now 26 lb. container from CA to WI. A bit costly.

Step 3

Using a digital multimeter we tested each battery once it was full. I used this $20.00 Radio Shack cat. no. 22-813.

Step 4

Wearing gloves and testing each battery, we found that 50% of the batteries were bad. We found that the balance of the batteries had at least 75% remaining use.

Step 5

We found that almost every 'D' cell had 75% use remaining. They were bagged and placed in a tub for use in case of emergency.

Step 6

A majority of the 'AA' batteries metered at 100% remaining use. We theorized that modern digital cameras requiring AA batteries were to 'blame'.

Step 7

Modern electronica will inform the user that the batteries are low or empty when the device reports less than a programmed voltage requirement.

Step 8

Become a joule thief and test your batteries. We saved shipping costs and pre-cycled a box of recycled batteries.